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Weight Loss

Get rid of your extra weight with our ayurvedic Weight Loss therapies.


Herbal Powder Massage

Udwarthanam is a special therapeutic deep tissue massage using a combination of herbal powders or paste. This massage involves upward stroking, where the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body.


The herbal powder is warmed by heating. The massage is done in the opposite direction to hair follicles by two therapists. The procedure is performed in seven postures.  After completion the person is advised to take a rest for 30 minutes, followed by a shower with warm water.

The dry powder massage is very useful in the following conditions

  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hemiplegia
  • Sciatica
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Skin diseases
  • Obesity

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes to 60 minutes


  • Pacifies the aggravated Kapha dosha
  • Reduces the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues
  • Softens and exfoliates dead skin cells, thereby giving a lustrous glow to skin
  • Detoxification, purification, toning the skin
  • Eliminates bad body odor
  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Strengthens  and tones up the muscles
  • Refreshes and rejuvenates the body
  • Takes care of conditions due to improper blood supply
  • Improves circulation; opens up the body channels, increasing the basal metabolic rate.
  • Tones up the skin and muscles after the childbirth
  • Removes cellulite and helps in weight reduction
  • Improves the sense of touch
  • Makes the body and mind alert; gives a sense of lightness of the body
  • Reduces blood cholesterol
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Podi Kizhi (Choorna Pinda Sweda)

Choorna Pinda Sweda

This is a type of Swedana Chikitsa (fomentation) wherein medicated powders are made into poultice and used for giving fomentation. The procedure is same as Patra Pinda Sweda.

Very effective for:

  • Certain types of neurological conditions,
  • Certain conditions in Arthritis caused due to block of Vata by Kapha.
  • Overweight, obesity & some types of acute pains like sciatica, lumbago etc.
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Medicated Steam

A Steam bath is a steam-filled room for the purpose of relaxation and cleansing. Steam bath has been used since ancient times as a traditional healing system all over the world. Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, and Japanese steam rooms are some of the traditional types of Steambath.


Steam Bath in Ayurveda is a treatment wherein a person sits inside a box keeping their head out. This box contains a blend of herbs and medicinal leaves. The person sits in the steam box which is filled with herb-infused steam for about ten minutes to a half-hour. The herbs are added to the Steam bath therapy according to the individual’s state of body dosha balance. This ayurvedic therapy helps to push the herbal oil more profoundly through the layers of the skin. Sweating helps to remove toxins.


  • Removal Of Toxins
  •  Improves Blood Circulation In The Body
  • Reducing Weight
  • Benefits The Skin
  • Cleansing Of Respiratory System
  • Relieves Stress
  • Opens up sinuses
  • Workout recovery
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